Why Scale is the ‘car dealership’ for SMBs

I have been asked several times this past year to answer the “Why did we create HC3” question in layman’s terms.

To answer that question, I often draw the analogy between how small and medium-sized business folks or educational folks buy compute environments and buying a car. You see, the way of the world right now is virtualization – keeping your applications logically separated from physical problems in the architecture. To accomplish this design/architectural goal historically is such that when the SMB customer goes to buy his datacenter, he doesn’t go to a dealership – they don’t exist. He has to piecemeal his infrastructure together with multiple parts from multiple sources, usually through a middleman.  In car terms, he goes to a mechanic. The mechanic takes him to the auto parts store and says, buy those tires, this engine, that windshield, that frame, this paint, and so on at retail prices for each component. The mechanic then takes the pile of parts, adds in his charges for assembly and testing, then delivers the compute equivalent of a $90,000 Toyota Tercel to the customer. If he wanted the Corvette, he wound up ponying up $150,000. This is the equivalent of how you bought a car in 1890. Every single one was essentially a prototype. We here at Scale knew there was a better way.

What Scale has done is deceptively simple. We have converged all of the various parts of the architecture into a single entity that grows with you, thereby bringing you to the 21st century of car sales: the dealership. By creating HC3, we have brought you all of the benefits of the virtualized infrastructure, without the middlemen, without the parts sourcing, without the interoperability issues, and without the drama.

What HC3 does is, sticking to the analogy, deliver the previous example’s Tercel for $25,500, which also grows into the Corvette while staying at a fraction of the cost of the 1890’s way. This makes Scale the car dealership for the SMB – the turnkey datacenter. Would you like yours in red or blue?

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