What Scale Computing REALLY Means by ‘Best Ever’

*Guest blogger and Scale employee, Mike Lyon.

The support team at Scale strives to provide a “best ever” experience for our end-users and partners. What exactly constitutes this best ever experience, though? How do we underscore and define what that means?

Before I answer, I want to provide some background on what it means to me and why I am so passionate about the best-ever experience. Prior to joining Scale, I had worked in IT roles in three different markets: retail, financial services and higher education. My last stop in higher ed really equipped me with a strong sense of empathy and the ability to relate to users since we shared many of the same struggles. In my case, higher ed was at a private liberal-arts college. When I joined in 2007, it was right before a recession and when economic hardships hit. Along with $8 lattes and owning expensive cars, private education is also an immediate cut for families; state schools and less expensive alternatives usually come first. Without state funding, private universities and colleges depend on large endowments and high enrollments. The Butlers and Marquettes of the world have large endowments to withstand the hardships, but smaller colleges do not. And, low enrollment means cuts. When it came to technology, we had to do more with less and students were coming to campus with more and more devices requiring an infrastructure to support their various laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming devices.

Where am I going with this? When decisions were made about technology purchases, it was imperative to squeeze every ounce of value from each purchase. Exquisite and surgical comparisons were made between vendors and a large part of the equation for a small IT shop with big responsibilities was the cost and quality of support.

At Scale, the value proposition of support resonates with me and it resonates with our users. Why? Because we have three key criteria: responsiveness, accessibility and affordability. There is no matrix of confusing options, no menu of levels to choose from, and ‘hope’ that it meets your needs. There is an offering that is both comprehensive and complete.

Best ever now becomes clear. When you need us, we’re here. We are available and we are accessible. When there are problems and your environment is affected, we react and we engage. We are responsive. Without having to choose between a better support option or features in the product, we are affordable. With those three key attributes at the forefront, we all work together as a team and unify in a common goal. Best ever means never having to repeat your problem or go through unnecessary layers of complexity and scripted answers. Best ever means we have the tools, technology, agility and knowledge to solve problems and provide guidance. Best ever means that, at the end of the engagement, there is no residue of uncertainty or blame placement. Best ever means we advocate for you and never, EVER dilute the significance of any issue, always working towards a resolution.

World-class just doesn’t seem to cut it when we’re in a class of our own, so best ever seems to be three syllables that say it all.

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