Welcome to the In(kernel) Club

Back in 2008, we here at Scale started cutting the path to build a better virtualization and storage infrastructure for the SMB and mid-market. We decided almost immediately that taking the VSA style approach of virtualizing a SAN as a VM was a shortcut at best, and a hack at worst – certainly  not the most efficient use of compute resources, so we decided to build the HC3 foundation the hard but right way – by moving everything in-kernel.

As the years have rolled forward, and other HCI vendors have come and gone, we now find VMWare with VX:Rail taking the same path that we have blazed with in-kernel storage for hyperconverged infrastructure. While ours is different in execution (HES in userspace) I would like to congratulate the VMWare team on their choice to join us in affirming that in-kernel is the right way to do storage for the HCI space and with a combined customer base of around 5000 in-kernel customers, welcome them to the In(kernel) Club.


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