Watch out for an Exploding Market!

I heard a sad, but true story recently from one of our reseller partners. It’s one that has been told thousands of times over the last few years, but one that is also being relegated to the antiquities of IT lore. The partner told of a $160,000 virtualization deal that went sour because the end customer decided virtualization was simply too complex to learn and implement in his limited time frame.

An all too familiar story, CRN magazine recently noted that 70 percent of SMBs have not virtualized because they fear the complexity of the infrastructure. When triangulating data from ESG, Gartner and IDC, that market adds up to roughly $2.1 billion of pent-up virtualization demand among midsize companies–in 2013 alone; $5 billion over the next few years.

As I go around the country introducing Scale to potential alliance partners, many of these manufacturers also see the pent-up virtualization demand among the midsize market.  And they are asking: How do we quickly and easily reach this market?

There is now an answer to this question and this unmet need. The answer for IT directors and enterprise software publishers is HC3.

Scale’s HC3 is a highly available, fault tolerant, easy to use application platform that is priced roughly 50 percent less than it costs to build a traditional, highly complex virtualization infrastructure of SAN, server and software.

HC3 creates the opportunity for an entire ecosystem of top commercial application partners to be created and possibly even shipped with HC3 in a library of yet-to-be-licensed software products needed by our SMB customers.

We’ll be releasing several partnership in Q1 2013 and have several more companies lining up for future quarters. What we’re doing is unique in enterprise IT: shipping an entirely virtualized infrastructure capable of transforming application acquisition from its current multi-step process to something as simple as downloading Angry Birds from an app store.


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