Under the Hood – HC³ Ease of Use Design Goals

In the first “Under the Hood” series of posts, I introduced the high level design goal for HC³ and talked about the high availability benefits.

Our HC³ products were specifically designed to lower cost and complexity for IT administrators within small- to medium-sized organizations who need to run their applications in a highly available manner.

But high availability can be provided many other ways if you are willing to spend the money, integrate pieces together and have the human resources and skills to set it up and manage it.  So what does HC³ do differently?

Ease of use – Converged infrastructure does not have to mean architectural diagrams, reference documents, new layers of management software, and professional services.  Scale’s HC³ delivers an integrated IT environment that is simple to understand, simple to deploy, and simple to manage.  Installation is as simple as connecting each node to power, a LAN and creating a private cluster inter-node network.  Customers can power up the nodes, configure IP addresses to form a cluster and then create their first virtual machine using the shared storage and compute resources of the HC³ cluster.

As we take our look under the hood we will show how this system is truly converged down to the underlying OS that manages a single pool of storage and compute resources that spans multiple physical pieces of hardware and intelligently manages redundancy and availability of data and applications.

Single vendor / seamless integration – Each HC³ cluster provides an expandable pool of shared compute resources to run applications – integrated and  balanced CPU, memory, network access and storage that are easily expanded as you grow.  There is no need to stitch together disparate storage systems, servers, and hypervisor software from multiple vendors.  The days of multiple management consoles and configuring connectivity, network and storage protocols between systems are over.

Lastly, a solution is no good if you can’t afford to acquire or maintain it or the people and skills required to keep it running.

Low total cost of ownership – The Scale HC³ is designed to provide substantial cost savings over acquiring and managing servers, storage and virtualization software separately.  Scale HC³ reduces the additional cabling, switching, and power for separate virtualization and storage systems connected through a SAN.  The costs for virtualization software, servers and storage servers are consolidated and the cost of a SAN is avoided.  Further, the cost to increase the size and performance of the virtual environment is granular and affordable with Scale’s scale-out architecture.

As highlighted in the independent  Taneja Group HC3 Validation Report

 “Bottom line, this represents consumer class simplicity with enterprise-level features, and we estimate this will reduce virtual workload management time and effort to 25% or less versus traditional virtualization.”

Well that’s just another way of stating our original goal, so I think it’s fair to say mission accomplished!

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