Under the Hood – HC³ Availability Design Goals

In this “Under the Hood” series of posts, I will walk through some of the key aspects of how HC³ works and how it uniquely addresses unmet needs in the market.  But before we roll up our sleeves, let’s begin by defining what we set out to achieve.

Our HC³ products were specifically designed to lower cost and complexity for IT administrators within small- to medium-sized organizations who need to run their applications in a highly available manner.

That’s the simple answer, but lets dig a little deeper into the key benefits that are now available to even the smallest IT shops:Scale Computing HC3 Under The Hood

High availability – In a physical server environment, one application is tied to one physical server and the loss of that single server results in application downtime and complicated recovery processes. Consolidating many physical servers into to a few virtual hosts can save some money but it also consolidates the risk of downtime, putting “all of your eggs in one basket.”  To address this risk, virtualization platforms offer high availability failover features that require multiple virtualization hosts to share a common external storage pool, which must also be highly available.

The architecture of HC³ ensures disk and compute hardware failures are stress-free events.  Virtual machines and their data are redundantly mirrored and striped across all nodes in the cluster ensuring that, in the event of a disk failure, applications running in VMs remain available with full access to their data.  In the event an entire HC³ node is unavailable, all the VMs running on that node are quickly and automatically restarted on another HC³ node in the cluster to maximize application availability.

Ok, sounds good… but how do you provide that without requiring a small army of IT administrators and technology specialists, or adding tons of complexity and cost? That is the real trick! And, a topic we will explore in next post of this series.


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