The Rush to KVM in Hyperconvergence

The Rush to KVM in Hyperconvergence –
a.k.a.  AMC and building your car with your competition’s parts.

As an observation of the current move to KVM in the Hyperconvergence space by some vendors, I would put forward an analogy to the American Motors Company in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  AMC started life as an innovative independent company, but by the mid 1960’s had morphed into essentially a wrapper/ improved delivery mechanism for Chevrolet and Chrysler drive train parts – better looking and better executed cars than the competition. As the market for their products began to prove itself, Their main drivetrain suppliers (Chevy and Chrysler ) began to take notice, and they started slowing down and eventually closing the “spigot” for those core pieces around which AMC built their product while putting several of the ideas AMC had created into their own products. This left AMC in the unenviable (and analogously familiar) position of having empty shells of cars & needing in a hurry to re-engineer, design, and build their own. Now while they were able to come up with some fairly decent pieces, the damage was done and it did not end well for AMC – you haven’t seen many Javelins or AMX’s lately. This should start sounding very familiar…

Long story made short, it is always a really bad idea to build your entire business around what can, and inevitably will, become a competing product. The rush to KVM, when viewed through this lens, becomes all too clear. It  recasts many vSphere-centric Hyperconvergence companies as essential reboots with now weeks old version 1.5 products.

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