The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

With a title like Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array supplies are bleeding, I couldn’t help but read Chris Mellor’s article on the decline of traditional storage arrays.  It starts off just as strong with:

Great beasts can be killed by a 1,000 cuts, bleeding to death from the myriad slashes in their bodies – none of which, on their own, is a killer. And this, it seems, is the way things are going for big-brand storage arrays, as upstarts slice away at the market…

And his reasons as to why are spot on from what we have seen in our target customer segment for HC3.

the classic storage array was under attack because it was becoming too limiting, complex and expensive for more and more use-cases.

Looking at our own use-case for HC3, storage array adoption for our target segment (the SMB) rose with the demand for virtualization, providing shared storage for things like live migration and failover of VMs.  It was a necessary evil to know that critical workloads weren’t going to go down for days or even weeks in the event of a hardware failure.

In the SMB where most users cannot afford the luxury of specializing in storage administration (or hypervisor administration for that matter), having separate components like a legacy storage array introduce unneeded complexity.  Ever since the introduction of HyperConverged products like Scale’s HC3 (launched in 2012), users finally have a better alternative.

HC3 brings together storage, servers and virtualization into a single, appliance-based solution that provides the high availability that the SMB has always desired for critical workloads, while requiring no specialized training to get up and running. I often find myself saying, “If you can manage a single server, you can manage HC3.”  (People balk at it until they see the demo, but it really is that simple.)

It might take a while for this hyper-convergence movement to deliver the final deathblow to traditional storage arrays, but the time is coming.  As each new infrastructure refresh project comes due, more and more customers are looking at alternatives to the status quo…and we welcome them with open arms.

The King Storage Array is Dead.  Long Live the King HyperConvergence!

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