The Current Virtualization Channel: Breaking Bad or The Sopranos?

I know, it seems like I’m shamelessly pandering to the demise of one of the great shows on TV in any era, the recently completed Breaking Bad on AMC.  I don’t know why I come to these things late, but I do, and then I catch up like a maniac and watch them 3 or 4 a night to get up to date.  I’m currently doing the same now with Breaking Bad and I’m hooked.

OK so which one is more like the current virtualization channel – the Jersey mafia guys or the crystal meth cookers and distributors.  Does VMware have its customers hooked on their vTax or are they more like the mob loan sharks coming back for their interest payments, or “vig”, and keeping their “customers” forever in their debt until they have to turn their businesses over?  

When you put it like that, it could be either, right? Think about it – you are a mid size company with a small IT staff, and not a ton of human or financial resources but you still have to have highly available infrastructure.  So you buy VMware only to find out you owe more – a lot more – than you thought you bought.  You are now being loan-sharked by the vTax.  You need more servers, you need more storage, you need more software, more features, more licenses, an upgrade, a rip and replace forklift for some or all of that infrastructure.  You’ll never pay the principal back, you are in too deep and the vig comes due.  You are screwed.  Classic Sopranos.

On the other hand, it could be more like Walter White and Jesse on Breaking Bad.  They hook you with a little and then you are selling it just to get it.  VMware essentially does this with their resellers – in some cases they seem like they are almost forced to sell you unnecessary software and services.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a reseller say “wait a minute, if I sell Scale’s HC3 my customers won’t need the integration services I charge them so much for”.

Well that is the whole point of innovation, isn’t it?  Automate processes and systems so they are more efficient and less costly?  That is what Scale’s hyperconverged system HC3 is all about – super simple, incredibly easy to use, fully integrated and with no license fees to pay EVER.  Half the cost of name brand servers, SAN and VMware to acquire, and MUCH less over time.  HC3 offers investment protection by being able to snap new and higher performance nodes on existing clusters.  And built for mid size company IT by guys who have been in your shoes.

So the answer to the question:  the current virtualization channel is more like The Sopranos.  But…  You have a choice!  You don’t have to pay that loan-shark vTax!  You should not have to buy all that extra stuff, extra services, and extra software features and licenses just to get the highly available virtualized system you need.  Go with Scale HC3 and you’ll never have to worry about the mob coming to your door looking for the next “interest payment”.  Just say no to the vTax .

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