StorageCraft Helps “Rap” Your Physical Machines onto HC3

Virtualization is a hot topic in the SMB sector and I’m glad that we’ve been able to partner with StorageCraft. The company provides a unique time-based tool to help move physical machines into the virtual world. Called the StorageCraft Shadow Protect IT Edition, the product comes on a USB key and siphons all necessary files from your physical servers and makes them ready for deployment onto the HC3 platform.

We looked at many different solutions for P2V but found that StorageCraft’s had the easiest UI and the best pricing strategy for our SMB customers. Watch our video or visit the company’s landing page here at Scale Computing’s web site.

Technology aside, I like to partner with people who make business fun and enjoyable. StorageCraft is cool. They rap – literally. Check out my main man Bret in his double platinum (almost) rap video. My (written) rap response is below.

The HC3 / StorageCraft Rap

Take One.

Yo, Bret you’re a rapper I see,

You got your own channel on YouTube TV.

You’re looking cool, with all that bling,

And your StorageCraft product makes our customers sing.


We got HC3 and it’s real fine,

Gives you high availability for about a dime.

Mashes servers, storage and virtual, too –

Into one easy OS that don’t require school.


The savings we bring won’t just get you a ring,

It’ll open you up to real intense bling

That’ll have you gloat’n to all your peers.

With HC3, I finally got time for some beers.


Yo, listen now–


They say no more pencils, no more books;

We say no more servers, no more hooks

Of licensing costs, storage and network gear

That brings IT managers real bad fear.

Their equipment is dated as soon as they look

For the support agreement—Oh no, is my vendor a crook?


Yo, Bret, we’re making it real

StorageCraft and HC3 is a dope deal.

Move physical machines into an HC3 world

Quickly and easily before the Olympics get curled.


This is the end of our rap.

HC3 is so easy, now I got time for a nap

We’re making it real–

With StorageCraft and HC3, everyone gets a great deal.

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