SMB IT Challenges

There was a recent article that focused on the benefits that city, state and local governments have gained from implementing HyperConvergence (Side Note: for anyone interested in joining, it was brought to my attention on a new HyperConvergence group on LinkedIn where such articles are being posted and discussed).  The benefits cited in the article were:

  • Ease of management,
  • Fault tolerance,
  • Redundancy, and late in the article…
  • Scalability.

I’m sure it isn’t surprising given our core messaging around Scale’s HC3 (Simplicity, High Availability and Scalability), but I agree wholeheartedly with the assessment.

It occurred to me that the writer literally could have picked any industry and the same story could have been told.  When the IT Director from Cochise County, AZ says:

“I’ve seen an uptick in hardware failures that are directly related to our aging servers”,

It could just as easily have been the Director of IT at the manufacturing company down the street.  Or when the City of Brighton, Colorado’s Assistant Director of IT is quoted as saying,

“The demand (for storage and compute resources) kept growing and IT had to grow along with it”,

That could have come out of the mouth of just about any of the customers I talk to each week.

A financial institution, a hospital, a school district, a manufacturer, a church and a local government are all unique in how they operate, but the challenges that IT departments face in these organizations are surprisingly similar.  What I typically see is a 1-5 person IT department (sometimes larger, but most often not) who is being asked to do the impossible every day.  In addition to staying on top of countless help desk tickets and other hair on fire project requests, they are asked to keep the company’s critical applications available at all times.  By implementing a HyperConverged product like HC3, the director of IT can focus on the applications themselves and not the plumbing to keep them up and running.  This leads to quotes like the one from Leonard Powers, IT Director of Safran Power:

“I used to dedicate multiple, full-time staff members to managing the virtual infrastructure.  Now we spend less than 15 minutes a day on it, and we required no training.” 

I’ll let you guess on the industry…not that it matters.


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