One Customer’s Experience With Scale Computing

At Scale Computing, we do our best not only to build the best solutions for our customers, but also to explain why our solutions really are the best to those still deciding on a solution. In reality, no one can explain it as well as one of our actual customers.

This week we have the opportunity to share the Scale Computing experience of Nathan Beam of Bridgetree in his own words, on his own blog. Here is the link:

Simply Hyper-converged – An Overview of Scale Computing’s Easy-To-Use HC3 Virtualization Platform

Just to pull a quick quote: “My own experience and pretty much that of every other customer testifies to the fact that we all love our product. I searched long and hard trying to find unhappy owners of HC3 equipment… to this day I still don’t know if any exist.”

We look forward to sharing more of our user experiences with you in the future. If you are another HC3 user who wants to share your story here, contact me: To see some of our other customer success stories, check out our case studies. For additional customer reviews, check out our page on the Spiceworks Community.

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