Midmarket Enterprise Summit: Hyperconvergence Takes Main Stage

Coming off of a whirlwind quarter, I wanted to share some great insights that I gathered at Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES). This event is designed to bring IT executives together who are interested in virtualization and new technologies to help them run a better infrastructure environment.  It was great to get a sense for where our customers are thinking of going.  SMB, mid market, enterprise, all have challenges in optimizing their infrastructure, but mid market in particular, have specific challenges around needing scalability because they have a growing business, but also efficiency because they have a growing business but don’t have the resources and budget to do that.  There’s also so much unpredictability in the growth of the data, the need for new applications, and forecasting for capacity is just not feasible.

I heard this over and over.  That guessing game is hard to do when you’re putting out fires, trying to meet business demands and have a life!  Most midmarket businesses are looking for ways to create efficiencies, whether it’s just starting down the road of virtualization, or looking to achieve the efficiencies of private cloud.  For those first time virtualizers (and yes, there are still many!), it’s daunting how much complexity goes into a VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper V environment.   Licenses, storage, whether it’s a SAN or NAS, more servers, more software, and before you know it, your bill is beyond what you can even think of.  It’s enough to turn them away from virtualization.

For those organizations who have gone down the path of virtualization, with either VMware or Microsoft, are quickly realizing that what they thought was ‘FREE’, really isn’t.  When they factored in everything that it takes to get these environments up and running, they realized that they may never be able to virtualize everything they need to.  Myself, @craigtheriac and @daviddemlow have been doing a great deal of work around total cost of ownership and ROI and I can tell you, the cost doesn’t end at the licenses and hardware.  This cost compounds, and then factor in the operational costs in setting up these environments, managing and maintaining, and it’s enough to make you want to find an alternative.

Which is why so many of the IT executives came to our booth, checked out our demos, made us prove our numbers and arguments, and walked away with an alternative they can go to their CEO, CFO with.  The value of hyperconvergence is too big to ignore.  An integrated platform that abstracts server, storage and virtualization and provides you with an appliance that keeps your applications up and running, that’s what customers are looking for.  Simplicity is at the core of HC3 and is designed for IT organizations who don’t want to deal with the complexity of infrastructure, the complexity that comes along with trying to figure out what storage to use, how much, what kind of management software is needed for storage, for servers, none of that.  HC3 abstracts that and eliminates the need for any kind of additional licensing or additional hardware.  Simple virtualization, which delivers everything you need, nothing more, nothing less.

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