Limit the Buzzwords, Please!

Virtualization, cloud, SaaS, IaaS, software-defined datacenter, follow-the-sun computing, big data, VDI, etc.  As a 15+ years industry veteran of startups and small and medium-sized companies (I know, I know, I’m a young pup to some of you), I must admit that I have used these buzzwords.

As a Sales and Systems Engineer and Manager, and Director of Sales/Systems Engineers, I know these topics have defined conversations at customers in the Fortune 1000 – and beyond. Companies such as Salesforce, Facebook, Sony, and Texas Instruments have leveraged myself or my peers at previous companies that I have worked for (such as VMware) to explain how they will affect internal processes. These concepts are transforming IT as we know it and their discussions dramatically impact a mature business.

Yet, they are buzzwords. Broad, open-ended subjects that in some cases have yet to be fully fleshed out. When I hear them, I instantly go back to my days as an IT Director at an SMB in Northern California and think how these ideas would affect my day-to-day business.

Would follow-the-sun mean anything for my clustered Windows ERP system? Does a software-defined-datacenter improve my limited budget?  Should I even care about big data if I have 1,000 customers?  Sure virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure are important, but define how – or else it is just a slogan to me.

Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention in business school (Go Sycamores!) or in marketing meetings that I have been invited to.  Although, that’s doubtful. I am just too practical and I believe you are, too.  We both want to know how something works, to deconstruct it and apply it to our own reality – whether it is how it will directly fit into an application and server infrastructure, or the electronics behind our parents’ digital clock radio when we were twelve. (It works, Mom!)

This is exactly why this post is entitled “Limit the Buzzwords, Please.”  My theme for these frequent communications will be around the discussion of the technical features of our HC3 technology and the “how it works” education on why those features are important to you.  Why you care. With the goal, of course, to limit the slogans or buzzwords defining them and remain practical.

That’s not to say that I won’t use the terms virtualization or BC/DR, but they will be in context and never as a general explanation. Yet, please feel free to correct me if I stray.  I always enjoy comments, so please post them below or contact me directly.  I can promise you those chats will be equally buzzword-free.

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