HyperConvergence for the SMB

Scott D. Lowe authored a fantastic article on HyperConverged.org last week that focused on where HyperConvergence is NOT a fit.  It is not an angle you hear often from a proponent of HyperConvergence and I have to admit…I like it.

At Scale, we have a laser-like focus on serving the IT infrastructure needs of small-to-medium sized businesses.  Similar to Scott Lowe’s approach in his article, it is as important to define our target customer as it is to define who is NOT our target customer.  When it comes down to it, a large company who has IT employees that specialize in every component in the infrastructure (think SAN or network admin, etc.) may never fully appreciate the simplicity of HC3 or may even be somewhat threatened by it.

Scale focuses on the SMB and mid-market because it consists largely of IT administrators who lack the time, resources and desire to spend their day in the weeds of keeping their infrastructure up and running.  That isn’t to say that HC3 couldn’t serve the needs of enterprise grade customers (it can and does in many cases…especially at the departmental or remote office level).  What it does mean is that when faced with a decision internally about our products and services, we are going to side with the needs of the IT Director at the manufacturing company down the street before the CIO at a Fortune 500 company.

When we decided to converge the hypervisor, servers and storage into HC3, it was to solve the complexity problem that the SMB faced in a traditional Do-it-yourself deployment of virtualization.  When we decided to offer only 24×7 premium support based in Indianapolis, IN, it was to address the needs of the midmarket customer who relies on HC3 for their entire infrastructure.  When we decided to price the solution to include the hardware, software, warranty and support in a simple per node price, it was to simplify the buying process for our target customer.

I attribute the success of HC3 to Scale’s relentless focus on the needs of the SMB.   It is an underserved market that requires the High Availability, Scalability and Simplicity that HC3 brings to their IT infrastructure.



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