HC3x: The Virtualization Platform for your Private Cloud

I’m super excited to have joined the company just as we were bringing HC3x to market.  When I first heard about where Scale Computing was going with HC3 systems and what its vision was, I knew there was something here.

Converged infrastructure is nothing new; we’ve been seeing it in the market for some time now.  What’s got me excited is HYPERCONVERGED, the next generation of converged infrastructure.  Today, we’re seeing the same old technologies, repackaged and labeled ‘converged’.  The reality is that they’re simply legacy technologies cobbled together.  HC3 Systems represent the new way of convergence, truly built from the ground up to deliver the efficiencies of a private cloud.  In today’s competitive environment, businesses shouldn’t have to worry about managing and maintaining expensive and complex infrastructure.

Today, businesses have a multitude of requirements, and need simple and available infrastructure that can meet these requirements.  HC3x delivers the fundamental values of private cloud:  simplicity, scalability and affordability all in one.  We believe that businesses shouldn’t have to be worry about the infrastructure.  They should have a reliable, highly available environment running their every day business applications. No complexity, no expensive licenses. HC3 is an all in one virtualization platform, designed to eliminate all of the hassle.

HC3x is exciting because it allows users to grow into virtualization.  I’ll leave the technical magic of our project called ‘MegaFonzie’ to my rockstar PM Craig Theriac (@craigtheriac on Twitter), who goes into specs in his blog.  What I’m seeing is many organizations today (believe it or not) are just starting down the path of virtualization. Others are at the halfway mark.  And others are almost fully virtualized.  We realized this and have brought HC3x to market for those who are growing their virtualization environment, have a variety of everyday business applications and workloads, but don’t want the complexity and cost that comes along with the traditional vendors that can’t meet their requirements.

The family of HC3 systems is designed with IT in mind.  You no longer have to worry about managing silos, and overspending on expensive licenses.  Integrated Servers. Storage. Virtualization. Simplified. Take a look at HC3x and let us know what you think.


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