HC3: The Vmware Alternative

It sometimes takes a new customer prospect a little while to get their head around how HC3 is more than just converged hardware.  HC3 is a full, integrated alternative to a traditional Vmware environment.  Just yesterday during a demo, one of the attendees said, “This is pretty cool.  I assume this is Vmware under the hood?”

Our CTO, Jason, was on the call and responded, “Nope.  There’s no Vmware involved here at all.  HC3 is stand alone so there is no Vmware to license and pay for.”

“Wow. Now that’s really cool!”

That’s when the lightbulb went off.   No Vmware to license.  No SAN.  No VSA.  No storage protocols.   Just an integrated, scalable platform that’s as easy to use as a single server.

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