Enterprises are Looking to HC3 for Simplicity

We built HC3 to solve a fundamental need in IT:  a system that keeps applications running without all the complexity that’s latched on to infrastructure with bolt-on after bolt-on solution.  We knew this was a problem most acutely felt in midmarket companies, with complex needs but limited resources.  We built HC3 so those midmarket customers could solve that complexity problem.

Now approaching 1,000 deployments of HC3, we’ve been catching the eye of others who also have these same problems.  Large, enterprise accounts that have been entrenched in legacy and monolithic infrastructure for years.

As it turns out, they hate complexity too, and are looking to eliminate the complexity that continues to spiral within their VMware environments, and view HC3 as the next generation of infrastructure, simplified IT.

What’s most exciting is that these large organizations are deploying HC3 as it was designed into their environments.  The same solution that works for the local hospital also works inside a multi-national corporation.

And that “solution” has two parts:

First, there is the product of HC3 itself.  Using cutting edge technology to remove cost and abstract complexity from IT environments, HC3 has been winning awards at every turn over the past year, from Best Healthcare IT Product to Best Midsize Enterprise Solution.  Businesses who have been forced into licensing schemes are relieved to see there is an alternative.

Second, is the outstanding support infrastructure we’ve put in place, to help our customers be successful from the very beginning..  Support begins with a great team of people who truly care about our customer’s success.

When you combine those two things, great product with outstanding support, organizations, large and small, will flock to the solution.

I recently heard from one of our customers that falls squarely into the “enterprise” category:  Over 50,000 employees, global corporation, with all of the complexity you’d expect in such an environment.  Prior to discovering Scale’s HC3, they were a VMware vSphere 4.1 environment, running on Dell and HP…  Nine months ago they found HC3 and came to us, looking for help.  Today, HC3 replaced this VMware/Dell environment, simplified their challenges and now are looking to roll out HC3 to multiple locations.  Without us looking for them.

Their results have been outstanding.  In their own words, HC3 is not only simpler than their prior environment, it’s outright better.

As I wrote above, the customer experience doesn’t end with the product itself, but with customer satisfaction.  He said our support team was the best customer service he’s ever experienced in his IT career, going so far as to say “if Scale sold laptops and switches, we’d throw out Dell and HP, and just buy everything from you guys!”

We won’t be getting into the laptop business anytime soon, but that is the kind of customer satisfaction we strive for, both from the HC3 product and our world-class support.  Scale is all about delivering a great product, coupled with great support, that solves the fundamental and very real world problems of complexity in IT infrastructure.

That’s a problem that exists from small IT shops through global corporations, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to serve customers across that spectrum.

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