Don’t Believe Them – Scale Computing’s HC3 is not a cheaper solution that is less capable

I have heard something out in the market a few times lately, something that really bothers me. What I’ve heard is a new way for our competitors to try to marginalize us with our customers. It goes something like this:  “Scale is a great solution if you don’t have much budget for virtualization. But if you do have the budget, you should go for the ‘premium solution’ from the name brand vendors.” I.e. traditional servers + SAN + storage switching + virtualization software suite. We usually hear HP, Dell, IBM or even Cisco servers along with EMC, Netapp, or other storage along with VMware.

If you are a midsized organization and one of these vendors – or even your Reseller(!) – are telling you this, it is a novel approach but IT’S A LIE.

Scale Computing’s HC3 is not a cheaper solution that is less capable so only applicable to those with little budget. In fact, our low cost is due to a bunch of stuff we solved with the product. So in essence, it’s by design.

Let’s take this part by part, starting with the servers. You get all the modern Intel compute processor cores you need, along with all the memory necessary to build and manage all the VMs you need. While HC3 is a cluster of server nodes, it is managed as ONE SYSTEM and the cores are assigned out of a pool. The memory is also pooled in the same fashion. So when you build VMs, you assign them the cores and memory necessary out of those pools. When you need more memory or cores, you just add nodes to the cluster and the pools increase by the amount in the new node, or nodes you added.

Now, the storage. Inside each node are 4 drives and they pool together with all the drives in all of the nodes to give you a pool of storage resources just like the cores and memory. Everything is striped and mirrored across all of the drives and nodes in the cluster automatically so you don’t have to manage it at all. You don’t care about storage protocols because they don’t matter – it’s really just like direct attached storage in a single system. When you need more storage, you get it by snapping on more nodes to the cluster and increasing the pool.  It’s just that simple and easy. But best of all, all the high availability you would get with a shared storage SAN is in HC3. You just don’t have to manage it like a SAN – HC3 takes care of all that for you. And, our terabyte capacities are right in line with theirs.

The virtualization (VMware) myth that these other vendors are perpetrating is the worst of all. All the stuff you will need is in HC3. The ability to start up, migrate, move, manipulate, manage the VMs, is in there. Best of all, you manage HC3 as a single system, rather than a cluster. All of that complexity is taken care of by HC3. You don’t need to reconfigure when you add nodes, like you do in a SAN or VMware-based cluster – again HC3 does it for you. Not to mention that you don’t need any specialized training for HC3 – it’s completely intuitive.  VMware says (their words) that you need FOUR DAYS just to be able to manage their SMB-sized software implementation.  Four days!?

So why are we so inexpensive if all the stuff you need is in there? It’s because of the stuff you don’t have to buy. Really, the stuff you don’t need. All the virtualization licenses are included when you buy HC3; you never have to pay for a license from us. Comprehensive first-year 24 x 7 hardware and software support is included when you buy HC3. You don’t need separate storage switching because our storage is treated like direct attached storage – the switching used for the servers takes care of storage too. You don’t need separate servers or a SAN since those capabilities are all included.

We cost less because we are simpler to buy, consume, and use over time. We are purpose-built to do the IT infrastructure jobs you need.  So don’t let those other vendors or your Reseller try that “cheaper-is-less” BS on you. Don’t believe them. What they are saying is not true.

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