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The Current Virtualization Channel: Breaking Bad or The Sopranos?

I know, it seems like I’m shamelessly pandering to the demise of one of the great shows on TV in any era, the recently completed Breaking Bad on AMC.  I don’t know why I come to these things late, but I do, and then I catch up like a maniac and watch them 3 or 4 a night to get up to date.  I’m currently doing the same now with Breaking Bad and I’m hooked.

OK so which one is more like the current virtualization channel – the Jersey mafia guys or the crystal meth cookers and distributors.  Does VMware have its customers hooked on their vTax or are they more like the mob loan sharks coming back for their interest payments, or “vig”, and keeping their “customers” forever in their debt until they have to turn their businesses over?   Continue reading

HC3x: The Virtualization Platform for your Private Cloud

I’m super excited to have joined the company just as we were bringing HC3x to market.  When I first heard about where Scale Computing was going with HC3 systems and what its vision was, I knew there was something here.

Converged infrastructure is nothing new; we’ve been seeing it in the market for some time now.  What’s got me excited is HYPERCONVERGED, the next generation of converged infrastructure.  Today, we’re seeing the same old technologies, repackaged and labeled ‘converged’.  The reality is that they’re simply legacy technologies cobbled together.  HC3 Systems represent the new way of convergence, truly built from the ground up to deliver the efficiencies of a private cloud.  In today’s competitive environment, businesses shouldn’t have to worry about managing and maintaining expensive and complex infrastructure. Continue reading

Scale Computing Announces HC3x, built for private cloud

New platform is custom built for midsize organizations and completely eliminates the cost and complexity of VMware from virtualized environments.

Scale Computing, the industry leading developers of hyperconverged solutions that seamlessly combine servers, storage and virtualization into a single system, today announced the addition of the HC3x extension of its award-winning HC3 platform. Continue reading

Vendor Programs: Do Resellers Really Give a Damn Anymore?

In my last post, we talked about the difference between evangelists and missionaries, and how the more innovative your product or solution, the more you need missionaries. The idea here is that missionaries do their job not for glory or riches, or even notoriety, but for the belief in the value of the mission itself to those being “converted.” As I said before, the missionary is fearless – he burns with “missionary zeal”. To bring something to market that potential customers (the unconverted) don’t even know can help them, takes that kind of fearlessness – and not just from the sales team, but from everyone in the company. In Startupland, everyone is in sales, every day.

One major challenge young companies have is how to get your channel partners to buy-in to the mission. After all, your resellers are going to represent you to the customer and if they don’t believe, you may never even have a chance to convert that prospect. Continue reading

Watch out for an Exploding Market!

I heard a sad, but true story recently from one of our reseller partners. It’s one that has been told thousands of times over the last few years, but one that is also being relegated to the antiquities of IT lore. The partner told of a $160,000 virtualization deal that went sour because the end customer decided virtualization was simply too complex to learn and implement in his limited time frame. Continue reading

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