Are You Ready to TappIN?

I’m at RSA, the premiere security show of the year. It’s held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Air is cold, streets are crowed with lanyard-wearing men and women shuffling back and forth between hotels, meetings, conferences and the trade show floor. It’s awesome.

I’d estimate that 75 percent of the people walking by aren’t looking at the road ahead, but the miles of email or messaging below on their mobile device that’s glued to their hands. Obviously, I too, am looking at such a device. Call me a hypocrite.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say a lot of these slopeneckers like myself are getting attachments in email and trying to download them as the constantly struggling networks around Moscone grind to a halt. They’re all wishing there was a better way to get internal documents securely onto their mobile endpoint.

Now there is.

At RSA, Scale Computing announced a relationship with GlobalScape and its recently acquired TappIN company. TappIN is a simple, very easy-to-use file sync-n-share product that lets users access data they have stored on Scale Computing’s HC3 from any endpoint. (Okay, not just HC3, but this is our site and my blog). The TappIN UI is simple and really geared for a consumer audience, which makes it easy for SMBs to deploy to their employees. It includes basic security features designed to protect user accounts and the data they access. It’s much better than e-mailing an attachment.

We’ll be giving more information about this alliance around April 1, when it formally hits our channel partners. Until then, take a look at the product and company:



Peter Fuller

VP of Business Development and Alliances

PS: Slopeneckers is a new word first used in this blog. Use it at your own discretion. It will be huge.

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