Acronis Gives you Highly Accessible Data on Scale’s Highly Available Hyperconverged Platform

We just announced a relationship with Acronis. The company is a fast-growing backup and recovery company with tens of thousands of customers around the planet. We partnered with them because they offered an advanced feature set for virtualization that complimented the snapshot and recovery features inherent in HC3.

One of the most important reasons we partnered with Acronis wasn’t just their solid technology; we like their long-term vision. The company is moving quickly to be a purveyor of data high accessibility. I’m sure you’ve heard that HA means high availability. With the Acronis and Scale Computing combination, it means both.

Let me explain.

Scale’s HC3 gives users high availability because its architecture is clustered. Data resides everywhere  on the cluster (so to speak). If a node or drive fails, services continue running. Acronis is diving headfirst into the cloud backup space and recently acquired GroupLogic, a “file sync-n-share” company that allows users to access data stored on HC3 from any endpoint – including tablets and phones.

The holy grail of data management has always been data that is: a) constantly available, and b) easy to access. It’s taken a long time for technology to get there, but the combination of Scale Computing’s platform and Acronis technologies put that chalice within reach of SMB IT administrators.

You can read more about that on our Acronis landing page or watch the When to Use Acronis Video below (its only 90 seconds long).

When to Use Acronis


Peter Fuller

VP of Business Development and Alliances

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