A Move from VMware to HC3

Many of Scale’s HC3 customers are coming to us from a traditional Do-It-Yourself virtualization environment where they combined piecemeal parts including VMware’s hypervisor to create a complex solution that provides the high availability expected in their infrastructure.  Fed up with the complexity (or more often the vTax on a licensing renewal) associated with that setup, they eventually find HC3 as a solution to provide the simplicity, scalability and high availability needed at an affordable price.

I just returned from the Midmarket CIO Forum last week where 98% of the CIOs I spoke to had implemented some form of the VMware environment described above (the other 2% were Hyper-V, but the story of vTax still rang true!).  We met with 7 boardrooms full of CIOs who all reacted the same to the demo of HC3: “This sounds too good to be true!”  To which I like to reply, “Yeah, we get that a lot.” 🙂

After the initial shock of seeing HC3 for the first time, pragmatism inevitably takes over.  The questions then became, “How do I migrate from VMware to HC3?” or “How can I use HC3 alongside my existing VMware environment?”   I spent the majority of my week talking through the transition strategies we have seen from some of the 600+ HC3 customers when migrating from VMware to HC3 VMs (V2V process).

While describing these scenarios always helps a customer envision the implementation of HC3, there is really nothing quite like pointing to an existing customer’s testimonial to put people’s mind at ease.  So today, I’ll introduce you to Triton School Corporation:

Triton School Corporation Success Story
Triton School Corporation Success Story

Triton had an existing VMware environment and had begun heading down the path of implementing shared storage and increasing their licensing to allow for high availability when they stumbled on 2 problems:

  • The complexity introduced to maintain high availability for the virtual machines would have been overwhelming for the limited staff to implement and manage. This would require intimate knowledge of VMware as well as the shared storage (either a SAN or NAS) required for features like vMotion and failover.
  • Support for such a complex product required several vendors that could create logistical problems in the event of an issue in the environment.

When they finally found the simplicity, scalability and high availability provided by HC3, the decision to switch was easy.

“For the one man IT shop, this [HC3] is awesome!”

Ted Fisher, Director of Technology

Triton is one of many customers that have abandoned their VMware environment in lieu of Scale’s HC3.  For these customers, Scale can provide the tools necessary to convert VMware VMs to HC3 VMs.  Rest assured you’re not alone…and it is THAT easy!

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